Welcome To The Brightness

After couple years of though about blogging, I finally launched my first blog! Welcome to “The Brightside” 🙂

I’m Sunny, 22 years old, currently an engineering student in my final year and interested in many things such as

  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • and more…

These are also the major topics which will be covered in my blog. I really like to inform people about when there are new products or trends, speaking about them from my perspective and especially helping my friends and family, if they have questions in these topics. So why not doing that online as well. 

That is my main reason for launching this blog but also sharing my view on other things, while gathering feedback from your perspective. Comments and feedback are therefore more than appreciated on my site 🙂 

Another reason for blogging would be my taste is not always on par with my friends, but that is okay, since more difference in taste results in more diversity and I really like diversity! Although it is sometimes nice to talk like-minded person haha

So this is a small description of my goals and principles for this blog and I hope that you all will follow me on this journey.

See you next time!


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