Apparently you are interested in The Brightside, which is me! Welcome to my page!

This blog is dedicated to my life, hobbies and so on. And although there are many people who are doing the same thing, this does not hold me back in doing it as well.

But why the name The Brightside? In the past I really liked using the name Icebird as my primary username on the Internet. It is a literal translation from the German word “Eisvogel” (The actual name for this bird is of course Kingfisher, which I discovered later on).

I started to realize that the name is taken more and more, so a new one has to be found. I came up with Icebright, which is a combination of my old username and the compliments of my bright smile haha. (please don’t leave me for this joke)

With some iterations, I came up with “The Brightside” and highlighting the I in Brightside in one of my favorite color (I really like blue), I think I made a nice identity for myself. So there we have it!

As you might have noticed, there is also a sub headline for The Brightside. I don’t hide the fact that not everything in life goes seamlessly and that is okay because you have to experience the gloomy sides of life to appreciate the bright ones. 

All in all that’s it from me. If you are still interested, I appreciate it a lot and hope you will enjoy what I will be writing.

See ya 🙂